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Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Return

It was just a couple days ago that Dan had climbed this fence to escape; now he was climbing it to get back inside. He wasn’t sure of the extent of the weird experiments that were going on in this lab, but he knew what happened to him. They removed his brain and put it inside of someone else’s body -- a woman’s body. Despite this fact, when he saw an opportunity to make a run for it, he did. Trying to adjust to someone else’s life was just too weird. Maybe if it had been another guy or someone he knew a little more about, it would’ve been possible. But a complete stranger? A woman? Yeah, no thanks.

Dan also had concerns about the kinds of things this lab was doing to his original body. If they could swap brains, who knew what else was possible? He was certainly more than a little concerned about what could be happening to it in there. He knew he still had a lot to work out. How would he find his body? How could he force them to swap him back to normal? He hoped to form a more solid plan once he made it inside...

1 comment:

  1. Good story & Pic. I think he's an idiot he ruising in with no plan or guuns