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Friday, December 8, 2023

Diversity Training

“So, let me explain! Let me explain!” Andy said as he sat with some friends for an after work happy hour, “We had this diversity training at work today, and it was the most insane thing I ever attended. It started out normal enough, but then halfway through they told us we were all going to swap bodies to ‘understand a different point of view.’

”Naturally, everyone protested, but the lady in HR was so pushy about it. But get this, okay? She thought she was exempt! The diversity consultant informed her she wasn’t. And the next thing I knew? I had been the one selected to swap with her.

“It was only supposed to be until the end of the day, but the machine they had used broke down or something. So that’s why I showed up here with this body. For the next few days, I’m stuck in the body of Natalie from HR.”

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