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Monday, December 25, 2023

Hide Away (Part 4)

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Jason realized it was probably a little cruel, but he just needed a little more time. When learning on Friday that everyone in the office would be swapping back to their own bodies on Monday, he booked the soonest flight he could to an exotic location on an island with a beach surrounded by cliffs. By Sunday morning, he was there.

He’d be flying back home in three weeks. He was sure Laura would be pissed, but he needed this time. He needed this time to process his feelings about how he felt being in Laura’s body. Why did he feel this way? And why did he go to such exteme measures to keep it for three weeks? And what if he still didn’t want to swap back once these three weeks were over? Maybe he could find a way to just stay on this island?

His mind was racing, but he tried to push it all out of his head. For the time being, he just wanted to enjoy the extra time he bought himself in Laura’s body.

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