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Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Farmhouse (Part 1)

My dad left our family when I was about five years old, so my my mom raised me and my sister on her own. She became the exact sort of kickass single mom you often hear stories about, the type that can do just about anything on her own. After my sister and I graduated college, it made sense that she moved out to a remote, rustic farm house. It made even more sense that she was dead set on doing many of the renovations herself.

Though I did come over to help her own from time to time! And it was one time when we made a startling discovery in the basement. Mom kept insisting one of the walls was fake, and when we bashed it open we were surprised by a huge room with a whole bunch of weird sci-fi stuff inside. The power seemed to be disconnected, but Mom was pretty sure she could get it on. I sat inside of a weird chamber as she got to work; electrical stuff just wasn’t in my skill set.

After a few minutes, the lights flickered and then became blinding. Suddenly instead of sitting, I had some wires in my hands. But the hands had wrinkles. And I now had on a plaid shirt was breasts poking forward. I had become a woman! And I wasn’t just any woman! I had become my own mother! I rushed out to the chamber where I had been sitting, where my mom inside my own body was waiting. We had swapped bodies! Inside the basement of this house my mom had bought was an honest-to-goodness body swapping machine, and it had caused me to swap bodies with my own mother!

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