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Thursday, December 7, 2023

First Semester (Part 1)

Upon arriving at college as a freshman, Josh had heard rumors about the university’s manditory Swap Class. Some students absolutely freaked out at being in someone else’s body for the semester, but Josh shrugged thinking it wouldn’t be too bad.

Ms. Wen was the teacher, and the first class was mostly a presentation about what was expected of us, and how the swap process worked. A slideshow behind her showed how two students were paired at random, reported in at a certain time, and so on. It was all pretty boring. Ms. Wen also explained that due to there being an odd number of students in class this semester, she would be participating as well. That fact caused many grumbles in the class.

Then all the phones started buzzing as the students got out assignments. Josh checked his. It read, “3PM; Eunice Wen.” He sunk down in his chair; he had gotten the teacher! Realizing he was going to be spending the first semester of his college career as a 50 year old woman didn’t seem like fun; he realized why people groaned earlier.

Yet he didn’t want to fail Swap Class, and so at 3PM, he reported to the room, ready to swap with Ms. Wen.


  1. Josh will be stuck in the 50YO body, another Identity Theft/Identity Death caption, this is a poor caption.

  2. I suppose that's fair. Though, on the flip side, I do think people appreciate certain cliches from time-to-time. Hopefully, it's not every time!