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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Island Vacation (Part 2)

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Mason struggled to find the apartment where the woman lived. As he walked in the door, a man threw a dress at him. He put it on and sat down.

“Did you fall asleep on the beach again Mei Mei?” The man asked, “Well, you stink like seaweed, but we gotta get to work.”

“Work?” Mason asked nervously, briefly worried about who this man was and what he did.

“Did the sun fry your brain or are you really this dumb all the time? It’s no wonder you can’t keep a job. But I couldn’t allow my sister to starve, could I? Now that you’re starting as my receptionist at my construction company, you can finally start paying me some back rent on your room here. So, come on, you’re going to make us late on your first day, and I’ll dock your pay.”

It was kind of a relief for Mason. It seemed like this woman was in a financially difficult situation, living with and working for her brother. If he had hoped to buy a plane ticket to confront the woman who he had swapped bodies with, he guessed it was going to take a long time to save up...

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