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Friday, December 1, 2023

The Friendly Physician, The Next Generation

Inspired, of course, by the episode of Gilligan's Island with the body swaps.

The last thing Gwen remembered was kicking and screaming while being grabbed off the street. The man who overpowered her was large with a Neanderthal-like forehead. She woke up feeling sluggish with a cloudy head.

“Oh, are you aware?” She heard a voice that sounded almost like it was coming from inside her own head. She nearly jumped when she saw that it was coming from a woman that looked exactly like her.

“Should I apologize or should I say thank you?” The woman continued, “Maybe both. You see, I had been such a good assistant to Master over the years that he decided to reward me. He was not only granting me my freedom, but he was going to use his body swapper to let me pick any body I wanted! Maybe you don’t realize it yet, but I picked yours!”

Gwen looked down at her meaty hands to confirm she was telling the truth. She had clearly swapped bodies with the brute who had taken her!

He continued, “Now, I’m sure if you are as good as an assistant to Master as I was, he will one day grant you your freedom just as he granted me mine. It only took me sixty years; maybe you will find yourself in a new body of your choosing in only fifty or so if you are better at being an assistant than I was!”

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