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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Time Travel, Sir

Gerald had just finished basic training in the military when he was informed he would be on a very special assignment. He was brought to an odd room with strange machines and placed inside of one. It all happened pretty quickly; he stepped in, the door closed, the door opened again, and he stepped out. But he quickly noticed the room now seemed much less advanced. The next thing he noticed was his body; he was a woman!

“What the heck did you do to me?” He asked, thinking his voice sounded familar.

“Private,” The General spoke, “We have been constructing the machine at this location to accomplish the impossible: Time travel. You are now thirty years in the past. It is our hope that with your knowledge of what are current events and history for you, that we can gain a tactical advantage in many situations.”

“Okay, great, but why am I a woman.”

“As you might presume, you don’t exist yet. You needed a body to inhabit in this time. It needed to be genetically compatable, so we enlisted your mother.”

“I’m in the body of my own mother? Ugh, whatever, just get me some clothes to put on, please?”

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