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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Neighbor's Mom

“Hey, Mom,” Ken asked as he put his bag down on the kitchen floor, “What’s for dinner?”

“I picked up some burgers from that fast food place. They’re in the bag on the table; help yourself.” She replied.

Ken reached into the bag and pulled out some burgers, shoving one into his mouth. He always loved a fast food burger, but it didn’t seem right. He had grabbed them with his friends, sure...but his mom? She always made some sort of traditional dish for dinner. He spoke with his mouth full, “Is everything okay? Are you feeling well, Mom?”

“I’m fine,” She lied. It’s not like she could tell him the truth. She doubted Ken could believe it anyway. To try to explain to him that she wasn’t REALLY his mom -- heck, she wasn’t even really a woman. She was a guy named Evan, their neighbor. Thanks to some weird power he inherited, he ended up switching bodies with Ken’s mom this morning. To make things worse, Ken’s mom was now in Evan’s body without knowing who she really was! Now Evan needed to figure out how to convince her to agree to swap back to normal without her even having the faintest idea that it really was normal. That’s just how his power worked!

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