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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Young Republican

Henry knew college was going to be a challenge for a Young Republican like himself, especially with all the woke policies being implemented across the country. He considered the manditory Swap Class he was forced to take among these. He thought that idea that being in someone else’s body few months could teach “diversity” or some other liberal garbage was absurd. In fact, he was sure he’d use the opportunity to prove some of his conservatives stances.

When he was paired up with Elizabeth, a butch-looking, lesbian-type classmate, he was ecstatic. He figured it was the perfect opportunity for proving the whole LGBTwhatever was a myth! The first weekend in her body, he bought a dress and went out to a club in town. Just as he expected, hitting on guys and kissing them felt so good while in this body. Henry quickly tried to bring his findings back to class.

Elizabeth interupted his presentation. “You thought I was a lesbian just based on my appearance?” She asked, “And if your theory of attraction is solely about which body someone is in...Well, I’m in YOUR body right now, and I’m STILL attracted to guys. And if attraction is something inherent to you, then you seem to be into guys while in my body at the current time. Either way, you seem to really be into dudes. Are you sure you aren’t gay?”

Henry quickly became flustered and ran out of class...

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