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Sunday, December 24, 2023


Isaac was pretty sure it was difficult for his parents when he came home from college for Christmas break. After all, thanks to the accident in the lab, he had swapped bodies with Farah just a few days beforehand. He was sure they were having a lot of trouble accepting that the dark-skinned Muslim girl was actually their blond Christian son. He tried to make it easier for them by really leaning into the holiday season. He wasn’t sure it was working.

When Christmas Eve rolled around, he sat them down in the living room.

He tried his best to smile as he explained it all to them. “Mom, Dad,” He said, “I know it’s hard to accept that it’s me, Isaac, inside this body, but it is. Farah and I were being irresponsible, and we swapped bodies. I know you don’t believe me when I say that, but it’s true. I’m your son. I hope the teachers and researchers figure out a way to reverse this by the time we get back, and that the next time you see me, I’ll look like how you remember. But there’s a chance they won’t. And I’m worried that you’re having a hard enough time accepting this while it’s probably temporary. I worry how you’ll treat me if it’s permanent. I love you both, and no matter what, I don’t want to love you, okay? Please, just tell me you can accept this...”

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