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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Lesson Plan

After reading the magic spell from the book, Professor Wilson Campbell felt like his brain was fogging over. He looked down at the text again, and the words now seemed very long and confusing. It was in a funny language too. Even the notes he had written previously on a paper next to the text seemed too boring for him to bother with. He knew he was a professor, and that meant he should be smart! He shouldn’t have to do all this reading stuff!

But “he” didn’t feel quite correct right now either. But just as he wasn’t truly realizing that the magic had affected his mind; he wasn’t aware that the spell had modified his body as well. He no longer thought of himself as Professor Wilson Campbell; no, she was now Professor Misty Woowoo. She no longer remembered her education in anthropology and ancient languages; she wondered what she taught. She decided she’d teach her students exotic dances that she knew! It seemed like a perfect lesson plan for Monday. The class at the university would surely have so much fun! It wouldn’t be a boring, stuffy class at all! And maybe they could imbibe some spirits! And one or two of them might be able to figure out the strange text in this book and join her!

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