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Friday, December 29, 2023

The Prison

I wasn’t quite sure exactly how they snuck up on me to kidnap me and place me in a prison. I figured I was lucky that they hadn’t locked it, and I began to explore around in order to find a way out.

I came across a woman sitting in a cell. She looked extremely beautiful but also skinny enough that I was worried she was malnourished. I opened the door to her cell; it had been unlocked as well, but she didn’t seem anxious to escape.

“You’re new? So I guess he’s not dead,” She mumbled before speaking more clearly, “There’s this mad scientist, and he does weird things to people. I used to be a guy like you until he transformed me into...this! Yeah, I look like a woman, but I’m not sure. Part of what he did to me makes me unable to take off this outfit. Maybe it’s my skin? I’m not sure. I don’t seem to need to use the bathroom anymore; I haven’t in months. Or at least it seems like months. He stopped feeding me shortly after he did this as well; that’s why I thought he was dead. But if he has taken you and placed you here...well, I’m sure he had plans for you. You’re probably in the stage where you think there is escape from this place. There is no escape. He will only release you when he is done with you. And maybe now that you’re here, he will be done with me soon.”

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