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Thursday, December 14, 2023

If It Ain't Broke (Part 1)

For a while after the Great Shift swapped him into his girlfriend’s body, Joe considered going by Joelle or Jo. But despite what his outer body looked like, he knew he was still a guy at heart. And so, he ended up just sticking with Joe.

It worked the same sort of way with his appearance. Sure, he tried embracing his girlfriend’s feminine style, but ultimately, he cut his hair short and generally wore men’s clothing or at least things that looked somewhat masculine.

And his girlfriend, Anne, followed a similar path. She tried to act like a dude now that she had Joe’s body for a while, but it just couldn’t stick.

Yet the one thing that did still work for both of them was their relationship. Despite being in each other’s bodies, they were more in love than ever. They were even starting to plan their wedding, and were meeting to discuss plans.

Joe waited while Anne ran late. When she finally arrived, Joe greeted her with a common refrain, “God, you make my body look so stupid sometimes.”

“Right back at ya!” Anne laughed.

“I think I’ve seen lesbians dress like this!”

“But you’re hardly a lesbian as long as you’re with me!”

It was Joe’s turn to laugh, “No, I guess you’re right...”

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