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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Island Vacation (Part 1)

It had been the last day of Mason’s vacation, and he had been walking his dog on a beach when a woman laying there started yelling at him about dogs not being allowed or whatever. He yelled at her about chilling out, and it grew into a big argument.

Mason had mostly forgotten about it by the time he went to pack later that evening, so he could catch his flight back home the next morning. But instead, he felt woozy and fell asleep on the bed.

He woke up with water tickling his toes, and he realized he was somehow on the beach. It became a huge shock when he realized he was not only in the wrong place, but also in th wrong body -- a woman’s body! To make things even worse, he was sure he recognized the clothes he was wearing; they belonged to that woman he had argued with at the beach earlier! He couldn’t be sure without a mirror that he was her, but he was certainly dreading the idea.

He eventually found her things, but her phone wasn’t getting any signal. He made his way inland and finally was able to call the hotel. It seems his body had already checked out and likely already on the plane back. That meant Mason was stuck here in this body!

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