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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Weird Girl (Part 2)

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“What the hell?” Jenna yelled as she saw Chad and Hannah kissing on a bench.

Hannah mumbled, “I thought we had agreed on trying to keep up appearances.”

“This is taking it too far and you know it! And you’re should be looking for a way to turn us back to normal anyway!” Jenna then turned from Hannah to Chad, “And this is like cheating on me!”

“Is it? I mean, technically, you were right here,” Chad then gestured down at the fact that he currently had Jenna’s body, “And, plus, I’m one good lookin’ dude! I mean, I always knew I was, but your body like really feels it. When am I ever going to have the opportunity to be with myself like this?”

Jenna fumed. She knew her boyfriend was egotistical, but this crossed a line. He also didn’t know when to shut up.

Chad continued, “Besides, we used a c*****.”

Jenna slapped Chad as hard as Hannah arm could manage. Then she cried and ran off. She hated being in Hannah’s body, but right now, she wasn’t sure she even wanted her own body back...

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