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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Karaoke Bar

After a rough day at work, Jason and a couple of co-workers hit up a karaoke place for happy hour. As they got drunk and sunk their hearts out, they soon began to realize they stayed much longer than they intended. They all agreed on just a few more songs as Jason excused himself to the bathroom. On his way back, he bumped into someone. He didn’t get a good look at them and being a little drunk didn’t help, but he was pretty sure it was a woman.

Before he could return to his co-workers,an arm reached out and pulled him into a different room.

“Ye Jun! Why do you look so confused,” One of the people in the room asked Jason, “It’s your birthday! We are celebrating! Be happy!” The person handed Jason a drink. Jason noticed the fact that his hand clutching the glass had pink painted nails. Within a few more seconds, he noticed they matched a shiny pink dress he now wore.

He could only guess he swapped bodies with the woman he had run into in the hall. But what could he do about it? He tried to think of an excuse to leave, but didn’t even have time to think of something before another person put a microphone in his hand and he found himself flawlessly singing in a language he didn’t even understand.

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