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Monday, November 6, 2023


The wind must have blown the top off of the cardboard box Nate had slept in last night; and judging from his wet body and ground, it also must have rained. It had been three long days since the Great Shift had placed him into the body of this homeless woman, and each day had been very difficult.

When it first happened, Nate tried not to panic. He knew he was in the wrong body with a rather unpleasant smell. He immediately knew it was a woman’s body, but only found out she was homeless from a few people who ranted at him about it. Finding out about the Shift was a relief, he was sure he could just explain to someone about who he really was.

That proved to be much difficult than Nate imagined. He hadn’t really noticed it before, but he inhereited all the disorders of his present body. He couldn’t stop himself from shouting out obscenities, having fits of anger, or showing sudden tics in movement. He was sure he could control it all with medication, but his actions made it nearly impossible for anyone to be willing to help him out. As such, he stayed homeless as he worked his way back towards his home. Social interactions didn’t go well, but maybe he could write a note or something to help get the help this body needed and to help get his life back to somewhat normal...

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