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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Not Punk Rock

Eugene gave a big wave when he saw Ruth on campus for the first time since the Great Shift. But Ruth had to do a double take; it was hard to believe that was once her body. It was obviously her old tattoos that gave it away.

She realized it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Eugene was a bit of a dork, and she hadn’t expected him to maintain her punk style. Still, it just felt so extreme! He had removed all her piercings; he wore a plain polo shirt and jeans with no rips; he had flattened her mohawk; he stopped wearing her weird contacts and picked glasses instead. The only thing he couldn’t do much about was her tattoos. He explained that they were hard to get used to; he kept expecting them to wash off in the shower. He also mentioned that he couldn’t wait for cooler weather, so he could cover them with a long sleeve shirt.

She smiled and nodded; being as polite as possible. After all, he was being quite kind; he wasn’t even reacting to the ways she had punked up his body. He didn’t judgmental at all; it was more like he was simply stating a list of facts. And when it was all over; he said he was running late, but asked to meet up again. Ruth found herself smiling and agreeing.

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