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Wednesday, November 1, 2023


Carly walked into the bar where she had agreed to meet Seth. They had been friends since high school, despite being very different people. And though they drifted apart, the Great Shift brought them back together when it swapped their bodies.

Seth could tell Carly was uncomfortably by the way he had dressed her body, so he knew he needed to address the issue. “Come on, Carly,” He stated, “You know what I’m like. You couldn’t have possibly kept expecting me to wear your floral dresses and preppy clothes.”

“No, I suppose not,” She replied, “But it’s still weird to see that you’ve dyed my hair. Not to mention the expert way you applied quite gorgeous makeup and the tight jean shorts!”

“I’m come to embrace the fact that I’m female now. I’m just not the girlie girl type you were.”

“I suppose I can respect that. This is still so weird though...”

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