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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Beta Test

Mitchell was super excited to beta test the new app from a new startup that promised “VR, but in real life.” The app was thin on instructions due to the beta test, but when he tried to press the “Activate” button, it said holding hands with another person was required. Mitchell thought this strange but called up Emily, his girlfriend, who agreed to meet him in the park to test the thing.

They met in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, and he held Emily’s hand as he hit “Activate” once again. This time, a strange burst of power shot out from the phone and entangled the couple. Before it even fully dissipated, Mitchell realized he was now looking at his own body. The app had caused him to feel like he had swapped bodies with Emily!

“This is next level,” Mitchell said, “I actually feel like I am in your body! I even think I sound like you!”

“No, Mitchell,” Emily smiled, “I think we actually ARE in each other’s bodies.”

“But that’s impossible! It has to be some sort of tech illusion, like advanced VR.”

Mitchell began to walk around the park, and they all confirmed Emily was right. It wasn’t all just in his head; he was actually now in Emily’s body! This truly was beyond anything either had ever experienced.

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