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Thursday, November 23, 2023

A Break

“You have no idea how much these heels hurt!” Jason whined as he squatted down before attempting to sit on the sidewalk, “Come on, let’s take a break!”

“Of course I know how much they hurt!” Heather replied, “Those were my heels -- and that was my body -- up until about an hour ago!”

“Yeah, but you’re used to them! I’m not! And they keep getting worse, so I’m guessing they weren’t as bad on the way out.”

“Fine. But be careful. Remember my body is wearing a dress, so when you sit you might flash someone if you aren’t thinking about it.”

“There’s no one around. Everyone went inside to explore their new bodies because of this Great Shift thing.”

“And we can soon as we get home...which we’d probably be at already if you didn’t complain and insist on breaks all the time.”

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