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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Hide Away (Part 3)

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Over the next few days, Jason did actually seem to live up to what he claimed; he was successfully blending in with Laura’s body. She no longer felt like needed to check on him at her apartment, and he began taking the subway to work by himself.

Jason was surprised too -- not by how well he was able to do with Laura’s body, but because he realized he was actually enjoying it! He found himself telling her that he spent the evenings alone in her apartment, but he was actually going out places and enjoying himself. He began to wish that their company wouldn’t be able to solve the problem, or that they would take longer than the two week estimate before they could swap everyone back into their own bodies.

However, it seemed that they were actually ahead of schedule. A mere week after everyone swapped, the company announced that they should be able to restore everyone to their original bodies on Monday. As Jason rode the subway home that night, he realized he didn’t want to give Laura back her body, but could he really do anything about it?

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