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Friday, November 3, 2023


Lenny was quite happy to hear from his best friend, Bruce, shortly after the Great Shift swapped over the bodies of over 90% of the population. Without hearing much from many of the people he knew for several days, Lenny feared the worst. Bruce was one of the first people he was able to get in touch with. Larry explained over the phone that he was lucky and unchanged; it was obvious from Bruce’s voice that he was now a woman.The two agreed to meet at an address Bruce gave, and when Larry showed up, he doubled checked the address. He was sure it was wrong. This was a goddamn mansion! He nervously rang the doobell, and a woman in a bikini answered, explaining she was Bruce.

Bruce was acting all bubbly and flirty as he gave Lenny a tour. Finally, Lenny had enough and demanded answers; it was really weird for Bruce to be acting this way. Bruce tried to laugh it off until they made their way to the pool.

“Look,” Bruce finally sighed, “The woman whose body I’m in is missing. Her husband is now inside the body of an old dude inside; he should be dead any day now. In the interim, he is paying me a lot money to dress and act in certain ways to make him feel like she’s not really gone. I can still bring friends like you over and do pretty much whatever I want, but I have to keep this up, okay?” Bruce then quickly put back on his bubbly persona, “I mean, like, okay, whatever?”Larry simply nodded in response.

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