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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Over the Fence

Duncan had heard rumors online about a magazine photoshoot for swimsuit models and thought he could sneak a peak. The area seemed to be all fenced off and surrounded by security, but Duncan was convinced he could sneak over the fence. As he began to do so, he spotted a blue light out of the corner of his eye.

He wondered if he had fallen off the fence and hit his head. One of the security guards was yelling at him, but not in the way he expected. He was holding a camera and shouting things like, “Give me a pout, baby,” and “Come on, work it.” Duncan felt compelled to oblige. He pouted and posed for the guard, who took all sorts of photos. There was a whole crew. It sunk in slowly for Duncan, but he realized he was acting just like a supermodel at a photoshoot. And he was even wearing a swimsuit and had a woman’s body! But despite how they were treating him, he hardly looked like a supermodel. He had glasses and graying hair; he was probably around 50 years old. He also seemed to be the only one who thought there was anything strange about any of this!

He had no idea it was all due to the role exchanger that he saw while hopping the fence. It had given him the supermodel’s job and life, but with the body of the middle aged woman who worked as her agent. The photographer, of course, now had the security guard’s body while a random member of the crew now had the supermodels’s body...

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