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Friday, November 24, 2023

A Simulation

You looked out the large windows from your living room to see the beautiful lake your house sat right next life. Life seemed perfect...almost too perfect. It had become fairly typical of your wife Yumi to spoil the moment.

“It’s all fake, you know,” She said with a Mona Lisa smile on her face, “I keep telling you we’re actually in a simulation. None of this is real.”

“Come on, Yumi. It’s feels real. We’re real.”

“We are,” She paused, “But these bodies aren’t. Our real bodies are hooked up to these weird virtual reality machines experiencing all of this! I’m not even a woman in the real world! I’m a dude! And you’re not a guy in the real world either; you’re a chick! I don’t even think we’re married out there.”

“Come on. This is ridiculous. How would you even know any of this?”

“I think my system is glitching. I find myself back there sometimes. I can’t move when I’m there, but I can look around. I can hear things.”

You sighed, “We need to bring you to see a psychiatrist on Monday, Yumi. I worry you aren’t well...”

“Or maybe you’ll learn you are really a woman, and that sort of scares you, doesn’t it?”

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