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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

World Domination (Part 2)

View Part 1 of World Domination.

Ready to move onto the second phase, Z’xyw needed to return to his ship and transform back to normal. He quickly encountered a glitch as he tried to transport back to his ship; it didn’t recognize his DNA due to his human disguise.

The solution seemed simple enough, transform back to normal first. This had a glitch of its own. It seemed the planet Earth was so far from K’laxor that the DNA of humans didn’t interact like other species they had previously encountered. They were just too distant and different. Z’xyw attempted to return to normal, but only managed to return his skin to a healthy color and gain just a slight bit of his height. The small changes were not enough to get the ship to teleport him back, and Z’xyw felt disgusted to be stuck in the body of a human. Worse still, he was starting to feel what he could only assume must be human emotions. He could now distinguish the male humans due to an extreme sense of lust. But his new body gave him no clues on how this species mated. His mouth seemed far too small and teeth far too dull to instantly disembowel these “males,” and his claws were far too soft to rip out the men’s eggs for him to impregnate. While much about humans had been so easy to understand, it seemed that Z’xyw still had a lot to learn.

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