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Tuesday, November 21, 2023


The four nerdy friends had all agreed to go to ComicCon together dressed as characters from Dragon Ball. Sam and Bill showed up first, dressed as Goku and Gohan. Neal drove up next (he was giving them all a ride); he was dressed as Trunks. They were just waiting on Gordon when a woman walked by in a perfect cosplay of Bulma.

Neal stumbled as he spoke to her, “Uh, we’re waiting for, uh, our friend, but you can come along if you the, uh, ComicCon!”

The woman turned and smiled, “Relax, guys, it’s me, Gordon.”

The other three were floored and demanded an explanation. It wasn’t just that this was a perfect cosplay of Bulma; it was that their overweight, white, male friend Gordon now looked like a skinny Asian woman!

“I bought the costume at this weird shop in the mall. You guys had picked all the best characters, and the old guy who sold it to me told me this outfit would be jawdropping. He was right! I mean, if you could see yourselves! When I opened it up this morning; I always didn’t put it on. It was a girl’s outfit, right? And it didn’t look like it would fit. But it did. It transformed me literally to make it all work. Everything you see is real now...and even some of the parts you can’t! I didn’t expect to like this when it happened, but on the walk over here...Well, it’s amazing how nice people are to attractive women. I think I’m really going to enjoy ComicCon today. And I should thank that old man at the mall...”

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