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Monday, November 20, 2023

Not Technically a Swap

Cindy had volunteered to help Russ test out his invention. If it had worked correctly, when the two were attached, Russ should have been able to move Cindy’s hand just by thinking about it. After a few attempts, Russ hung his head in failure.

Cindy didn’t think about for several days until she was at the college’s gym. She noticed she was checking out the other girls and trying to catch glimpses of them in the shower. She found Russ in the lab and declared the machine had turned her into a lesbian! Russ corrected her; it had swapped their sexual preferences!

Russ made some adjustments, and they tried again. Russ became worried as instead of getting back to normal; he had forgotten how his invention worked. Cindy realized she was the one who knew how it worked now and attempted a fix.

After several more attempts, it was like they had entirely swapped minds. Russ’s body (which now thought of itself entirely as Cindy) looked down at what she thought was her own body and begged, “Can you please fix it!? I don’t want my brain swapped into your body, and I certainly don’t want yours in mine!”

“Technically, we haven’t really swapped bodies or brains,” Cindy’s body explained, “This is still Cindy’s body; Cindy’s brain is still inside of it. It’s just that all the brainwaves have been reconfigured to be like how Russ’s were, including emotional reactions, memories, and so on. I’m still Cindy, but I think like Russ -- and think I am Russ! But nothing has really changed at a biological level. I am still technically Cindy!”

“But can you FIX it!?”

“Ah! I think what I just explained is the KEY to fixing it!”

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  1. I like this. This could become a merge story we're their both in each body, or at least partial memory.