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Tuesday, November 14, 2023


Raymond had been marching in the annual pride parade for ten years since he came out. And every year the one annoying ultra-right member of the city council tried to stop the parade from happening. She was more a nuisance than a threat, but she was annoying regardless.

While there was nothing particularly special about this year’s event, Raymond still went to bed excited the night before. However, while the town slept, the Great Shift washed over the entire planet, swapping the bodies of over 90% of humanity.

When Raymond awoke, he was shocked to realize he was in the body of a woman. He quickly became a little excited about the idea until a few moments later when he realized just what woman he was. Against all odds, he found himself in the body of the city council woman who had tried to cancel the parade.

He decided this wasn’t going to stop him. He quickly went home to spray various colors of instant hair dye on his head and grabbed a rainbow t-shirt. Nothing was going to stop him from marching in the parade! Not even this body. The crowed was a little sparser than usual (which he imagined was due to people being in shock when waking up with the wrong bodies), and he got a few curious looks from other marchers, who probably just took a minute to realize this body was swapped like any other. And he took a little joy passing by protesters, who seemed to yell especially loud at him this year...

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