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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Giving Up (Part 1)

It would be months before Dan learned tha the flash of light he had just seen was something called “The Great Shift,” an event that swapped the bodies of everyone in the world. The first thing he noticed right after the light was the pain his body felt -- everything ached -- and the next thing he noticed was the broken down shape of the house he was now inside.

The aching had an explanation fairly quickly. He was in the wrong body -- the body of an elderly woman! It was absolutely terrifying. He slowly walked to town. Things seemed chaotic, but he had no way of communicating with people that all spoke a different language from him. He had no way of knowing he wasn’t the only one stuck in the wrong body.

And he thought about his options. For a moment, he thought maybe the best course of action was just to lie down on the floor and give up...

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