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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Freaky Friday

I was trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. One minute, I’m off studying at college, and the next I find myself inside the body of my own mother -- yet I seemed to be wearing my sister’s school uniform. I stormed off toward home to demand some answers.

Our elderly neighbor was waiting outside for some reason. She looked worried, but before I could ask what was wrong, she explained that she was actually my sister stuck in the neighbor’s body. I quickly added that I was actually her brother.

And so my sister started explaining about the weird “Freaky Friday” incident she had, how she woke up inside our mother’s body. They decided to avoid cliches and not try to pretend to be each other, which is why she put her uniform on and headed to school, despite being inside of mom’s body. Once there, she begged for help from the weird goth chick. She did some research about some magic spells and came to my sister after school with a solution: a spell for a single wish. She had to study it and cast it when she was alone.

And so my sister wished. The wish was simple: For her and my mom to switch bodies again. It was probably too simple. She should’ve specifed “with each other” or something like that. That vagueness was apparently how I ended up swapped with mom’s body and how my sister ended up as my elderly neighbor (with the neighbor now in my sister’s body and my mom in mine). Unless we find yet another solution, it seems were all stuck...

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