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Sunday, November 26, 2023


Eric was visiting the resort with his wife, Carly. So far, the vacation had been pleasant with Eric spending most of the time with Carly. The only exception would be his morning workout, which mostly consisted of a run on the beach.

But this morning, he noticed a small cave while on his run that he hadn’t seen before. He thought about going to tell Carly, so they could explore it together; however, his immediate curiosity got the better of him.

A weird glow appeared to be emanating from the middle of the cave, but as Eric came closer, a strange fungus exploded, filling the air with a magical pink mist that Eric inhaled. In that moment everything changed.

The glow dimmed to nothing, and Eric became Erin. Without skipping a beat, he became she; and she struggled to find her way in the dark back to the entrance.

A little rattled, Erin made her way back to her room. She screamed when instead of finding her husband Carl in the room, there was a woman. Carly was equally shocked to see what she thought was a strange woman entering.

“Who the hell are you? What are you doing in my room? And what did you do to my husband, Carl?” Erin shouted.“This is obviously my room! My husband Eric and I...” Suddenly, Carly looked closely at Erin’s face, “ that you, Eric?”

Erin looked around the room with a sudden sense of intense fear. It was like she had just noticed something. Instead of being frantic, her voice became a whisper, “No, you must be right. I must have the wrong room. It’’s backwards. Everything is arranged reverse from what it was...but it all is. It’s all backwards; it’s all wrong. Everything.”

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