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Sunday, October 29, 2023

World Domination (Part 1)

On his home planet of K’laxor, Z’xyw was a member of the alpha gender. As such, he was required to infiltrate a species and conquer a planet when he came of age. With many nearby worlds already under K’laxor control, he was forced to reach a distant corner of space thought to be uninhabited. To his surprise, he found a small blue world that seemed to have primitive life.

He abducted a specimen of a dominant species, taking the creature’s DNA and merging it with his own so he could take its form. He blended in and quickly learned the various grunts and groans this species considered to be language. For the time being, he was set to gather information on what these “humans” called “Earth.”

Many seemed quite focused on differences of gender and race, which Z’xyw found amusing. The alpha gender on his planet was five times the size of the twenty other genders. The differences (or lack thereof) between humans was laughably insignificant. They all might as well be indentical to him. Considering the early primitive state of this world, it seemed ripe for conquest. It didn’t take long for Z’xyw to decide the finish up the infiltration phase and move onto the task of domination.

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