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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Couples’ Counselor

As a couples’ counselor, Diane always told her clients that both partners needed to attend; it was essential. So she frowned when her client, Amanda, entered the room. It was Amanda’s third visit to her office, and she seemed to have brought her mother instead of her husband. Diane looked sternly at Amanda.

“Amanda, you know it’s impossible for me to help you if your husband doesn’t come along,” Lectured Diane.

“I’m not Amanda; I AM her husband. I’m Ryan.” Ryan responded from inside Amanda’s body, “And Amanda is here inside the body of her own mother.”

“You’ve all...swapped bodies?”

“It’s crazy, right? I know it seems impossible, and it’s made our relationship a little...weird, to say the least. But it’s also made me realize how much I love Amanda, no matter what body she’s in.”

Amanda nodded, “Oh, Ryan’s been so kind and sweet since it all happened! I can’t believe it.”

Diane could only sit and listen in shock as the couple explained every little detail.

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