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Monday, October 2, 2023


At 25 years old, Elliot had never had a girlfriend; he had never been in the “in” crowd; he barely had any friends. He was often lonely and frustrated. He often told himself this would make him a better boyfriend when he was finally able to find a person who would date him, but the reality was it was just making him a jerk and a bit of a deviant.

But a strange thing happened to when he was walking around aimlessly one night. He felt dizzy for a second and then his body felt disoriented. When he looked down, he saw the body of a woman, and he smiled. He had never even been close a woman before, and now he was one! There were so many things he was tempted to do to himself right there in public, but he decided it best to sneak off some place private to do them.

As he did, he heard a shout. “Come back with my body,” It screamed. In response, Elliot just ran faster.

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