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Tuesday, October 24, 2023


“Ugh, I hate being a woman,” Ivan complained.

“Would you rather have stayed behind and died in the war?” Alexei retorted, “They were forcing all young men to fight, and, quite honestly, you probably would’ve been killed within a few days. But women? Ah, women they not only let leave, but they helped us to do so!”

“What about the women we stuck in our bodies?”

“They are probably dead. It’s best not to think about it.”

“Maybe if they survive, we can go back. This body just feels all so bloated and fat.”

“It’s a healthy bod with a good build! And excellent child birthing hips! Men will take one look at you and know you will be a excellent wife and mother!”

“I literally have no interest in any of those things.”

“I highly suggest you start developing an interest! Getting married is probably going to be one of our best options...”

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