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Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Intern

Ed was usually pretty tolerant of the dumb things his co-workers would do the computers at the office. As the IT guy, he had seen some pretty dumb things, after all. But still, from time to time, he’d see something that would upset him. For instance, the new intern, Stef, had come to see him three times today -- on her first day! The only thing that stopped him from yelling at her was the rumors that she was the daughter of one of the higher ups.

However, she had managed to get a virus on her machine that was like nothing he had ever seen before! From what he could tell, it was re-writing the funtions of the computer’s hardware! And just when he thought he had it figured out, the machine zapped him and the intern.

The next thing he knew, he was in her body while his own body lay lifeless on the floor. It was still breathing, but when he realized he could access his own memories as well as Stef’s, he couldn’t help but think there wasn’t much left in his former body. Not that he really minded! The idea of living the life of a rich, spoiled brat seemed somewhat appealing!

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