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Friday, October 27, 2023

Dirty Laundry (Part 5)

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While May was absolutely miserable in the body of Mike’s dad, her mom was actually quite pleased to be in Mike’s body. But she had a confession and she wasn’t sure who else to tell, so she approached Mike’s dad.

When she first got close, he pulled back, but she told him they had to act like Mike and May normally would, and that meant being affectionate and sharing a few secrets. He ultimately relented and let her kiss him. Mike’s dad felt May’s body react to the kiss and hated himself for enjoying it so much.

That’s when May’s mom dropped the bomb. She had intended to steal her daughter’s body; somehow Mike and his dad just got in the way. Despite not being the actual plan, she loved being in Mike’s body and was planning on keeping it -- and if she didn’t swap back, that meant no one would. Mike would be forever stuck in the body of May’s mom; Mike’s dad would be inside of May; and May would be stuck in his body -- all for good. Mike’s dad wasn’t quite sure how to react. He tried to force a smile, thinking it might not be best to piss off a woman who would and could steal someone else’s body so readily.

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