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Tuesday, October 17, 2023


Evan was speechless as he reached his hands up to his chest to confirm a very unfamilar feeling. With no mirrors around, he had no idea what he looked like, but he knew he was now a woman for some reason. He left the small room he was in, and soon discovered it was part of a much larger complex. There seemed to be nuns all about; Evan realized he must be in a convent, and he must be in the body of a nun, although the skin on his hands would suggest he was a young one.

But he figured the nuns might be able to help him. As he approached two he saw walking together, he tried to explain his situation, but no one words came out.

“Sister Yoon,” One of the nuns said to Evan, “I see you are talking that vow of silence seriously.”

The other nun could see Evan’s frustration and scolded the first, “Sister Anne! You shouldn’t make fun of Sister Yoon for being mute!”Evan quickly rushed off looking for something to write with, but came up empty. If he wasn’t able to communicate with this body, how was he ever going to explain the situation he was in?

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