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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Gene Transfer

I wasn’t in the club for more than fifteen minutes before a woman approached me. She had an evil look in her eye before she licked my cheek and whispered in my ear to follow her to the bathroom. I didn’t expect any of this. I was hardly in my prime. Far from it; I was a middle-aged man whose wife had just divorced him. I was paranoid my hair was thinning, and I knew about my dad bod. What could this woman possibly see in me? And was I in any position to refuse?

So I followed her, and she pulled me into the men’s room and quickly into a stall. She tore off my shirt, but instead of any sort of intimacy, she stabbed me with a syringe. I blacked out. When I awoke, she still stood over me...sort of...but she had become...a man? I didn’t notice my own body at first until she pointed it out...or he?

He explained he was a billionaire in the biochemical space. He had a breakthrough that allowed genes to be transfered, and he somehow ended up losing his Y chromosome. But while genes could transfer, they couldn’t be replaced. That’s where I came in. He had stolen my Y chromosome. I was now sitting on the stall of a men’s room, and I was a woman.He had taken my clothes and given me his dress. But he had taken my manhood, and he was prepared to leave me like this.

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