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Friday, October 20, 2023

Expose (Part 5)

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Amy wondered if she could get the dog to press the buttons in the elevator to get them both down to the basement again to hopefully sort out this mess. First, she tried a series of encouraging barks to get the dog in her body to stand, then she tried to run along the floor to communicate where the elevator was. It all seemed to be working.

Just as they got to the elevator, the door opened. Dr. Baxter stood there, or at least his body did. The dog in Amy’s body growled at the man standing there, and Amy in the dog’s body could feel that something didn’t seem right.

“Oh, this is too good,” The doctor’s body said, “I wanted you and that whistleblowing doctor out of my hair, but this is too good! I’ll be having the doctor now inside the body of that undocumented janitor deported by morning. And you?” He picked up Amy in the dog’s body, “You can be my new pet! Don’t think of biting me, or I will have you put down!” He then turned to the dog in Amy’s body, “But what to do with you? Maybe an insane asylum is a good place for a woman acting like a dog. Regardless, none of you are getting your bodies back, and your plans to bring down this company surely have failed. I hope all of you enjoy your new fates.”

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