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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Good to Be Back

After hearing the doorbell ring, Maya stepped outside. She didn’t recognize the odd man who stood there, so she didn’t want to let him inside.

He seemed nervous and stuttered before he finally got his point out. “I’m afraid I’m from the hospital. We discovered there was a tragic happenstance that you were involved in.”

“I’m afraid you have the wrong woman. I haven’t been to the hospital since I was a kid.”

“Exactly! You were quite young, and we discovered a rouge doctor had used you for his weird experiments. He placed your brain into the body you currently have, but that’s not your body. Not your real body.”

“Oh, come on, that’s ridiculous.”

“No, your real name is Vincent Powers,” The man took out a pictured and handed it to Maya.

Maya looked at the photo of an overweight and unattractive man. She couldn’t believe this man was telling her she really was supposed to be...that.

“We wish to rectify the situation,” The man said.

“That’s quite unnecessary. I’m quite happy with my life and have no interest --”

“This notification is a mere courtesy, Mr. Powers.” Maya rolled her eyes as he called her that. “The doctor has been ordered to provide us with this remote that should reverse the swap.”

“But you can’t --” Maya was again interupted as the man pressed the button, that transfered her mind back to Vincent’s body, which she hadn’t been in for 25 years, and swapping his mind into Maya’s body.

Vincent in Maya’s body smiled, “Thank you, Clark. It’s good to be back after all these years.”

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