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Friday, October 6, 2023

Nice, Warm Cabin

“Hey! There’s a cabin down this way!” Ryan shouted out to his girlfriend.

“But we need to find that strange cave!” She shouted back.

Ryan sighed, “I know we need to find the cave with that weird orb that swapped our bodies. I don’t want to be stuck in your body any longer than you probably want to be stuck in mine. But if you want your body returned to you with all ten toes, then I think we should warm up in that cabin for a bit!”

Ryan’s girlfriend sighed. She knew he was right. It was pretty cold outside, and they had been out for a while now. Plus, she imagined that now that he had her body, he was the one who was probably more sensitive to the frigid temperatures. Yet there was still something about that cabin that she just didn’t trust. Going inside felt like giving up hope of getting their bodies back. She couldn’t explain why, but it was just a feeling she had. But Ryan was going to be very insistent about taking a break in a nice, warm cabin...

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