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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Not a Single Layoff

I showed up to the job interview, and there was a single woman in the office. “I was a little surprised you guys were hiring,” I told her, “But I guess the rumored layoffs were even deeper than people were saying.”

“We actually didn’t have any,” She said.

“Is everyone working at home?”

“No, there was,” She paused, “An accident. We had been developing groundbreaking tech. The code we developed could compress a human brain and store it on a hard drive. But we ended up,” She paused again, “Merging. This body contains every ability, feeling, and memory from everyone at the company. Even the DNA is sort of average of all of us. About 60% of the staff was Asian, so we are as well.”

“Were the coders mostly women?” I couldn’t believe I was even asking questions instead of just getting the hell out of there.

“The Y chromosome is in many ways like an incomplete X. But ther averaging completed it enough that it seemed to round up, and so we became a woman. But if it makes you feel better, we are still a total tech bro at heart in many ways too! It should probably come as no surprise we are able to do just about everything at this company, but we do need more hands to pull it all off. After all, this body only has two, and can only work so fast!”

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