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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Mall Kiosk

Keith was at the mall with his girlfriend. It was more crowded than usual, and she was taking longer than normal. He decided to excuse himself and found a place to sit down at a kiosk outside the store. He pretended to be interested in the small devices, so as to not annoy the clerk working the kiosk.

After fiddling around with the thing, he felt a spark; strangely he now seemed to be facing the other way, and there appeared to be a man on the other side of the kiosk that looked like he could be Keith’s twin. When the man stood up, he realized that wasn’t a doppleganger, that was actually someone else in his body!

“Hey! Where are you going?” Keither shouted, now hearing his now feminine voice for the first time and realizing he had swapped bodies with a woman.

“Enjoying my new life as a what? A 20-something young man,” His body replied, “I’m sure you’ll find fulfillment pleasing your husband with that 45 year old body.”

“45? Pleasing my -- what? And this damned kiosk sells body swappers? Give me my body back!”

“Fat chance! You shouldn’t have been so careless!”

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