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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Blind Date

Earlier in the day, Craig had gone to visit his sister, Gwen. She showed him a junky old medallion that she found at a yard sale. He wasn’t impressed; that is until the thing began to glow and the two of them ended up swapping bodies, to both their surprise. When they couldn’t use it again, Gwen suggested it may need to recharge. The only problem with waiting was a blind date that she had tonight that she refused to cancel.

Craig had been skeptical, but by the end of the dinner, he realized it wasn’t exactly a bad way to spend the evening. He hated to low cut top his sister insisted he wear, but was pleasantly surprised as the waitstaff cleared the table after dessert that Gwen’s date picked up the check. While a guy picking up the tab for a woman isn’t uncommon at all, after a few glasses of wine, Craig was often forgetting that he was the woman right now. The whole thing felt more like hanging out with a buddy instead of a romantic encounter.

Of course, after dinner in the cab home, he was reminded intensely about the gender of his present body when Gwen’s date tried to pull some moves. Craif did his best to rebuff them, but the situation still made him feel vulnerable and awkward. He sure hoped that medallion was recharged by the time he got back to his sister’s place.

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