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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Business Trip

Peter couldn’t understand why there were some people who still insisted on traveling by airplane. Teleportation technology was cheaper and much faster. Your brain was uploaded into a computer and downloaded into someone else’s body at your destination while their brain was downloaded into your body for the same period. Peter figured that some people just felt weird about spending a little time in someone else’s body, but he saw it as an opportunity for new experiences. Every time he arrived at the teleportation center, he tried to select people who were as different from him as possible. It was always a good idea to select a lot of people, in order to ensure a match for your travel. Peter always selected a lot. For his latest business trip, he didn’t get his first choice, but he also couldn’t complain. For the first time ever, a woman had agreed to teleport with him for the duration of the visit. His first pick was a little younger, but the blond woman’s body he got was still quite different from his own. In a word, she was hot. The leather pants and heels were a particular surprise. The one hang up he did have was that he insisted on still going to a hotel. Some teleporters often offered their home, but while he felt more than comfortable in someone else’s body, staying in someone else’s home still felt weird.

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