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Sunday, January 8, 2017

More Interesting

It was only two days ago when Ron and Michelle swapped bodies. Despite the oddness of being in his own wife’s body, Ron thought everything was going smoothly. He still hoped to switch back as soon as possible, but he was managing quite well. In fact, on the second day, he was able to run through his wife’s morning routine without any assistance. He took a shower, put on makeup, and even managed to pick an outfit that he thought his wife would approve of. Then he went down to the kitchen, made himself a protein shake, and began to start his daily work-from-home responsibilities. That’s when he saw the note.

It was folded up in the middle of the table, neatly written in his wife’s handwriting with his name on it. He opened it up and began to read. It explained that she was leaving; she just couldn’t handle being swapped. Or, more precisely, she was able to deal with being a man, but it was hard to watch Ron in her body.

Ron took a deep breath, trying to take it all in. Michelle’s body was going to be his now, and he was probably never going to see his own body again. If the last two days were interesting (and they certainly had been), things going forward were going to get even more so.

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