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Monday, January 9, 2017


Things had been going fairly well for Douglas up until the Great Shift. He had a full scholarship thanks to his starting position on the football team, and the pros were already looking at him as a potential recruit. Then the Shift swapped him into the body of his girlfriend. He was very worried that he’d lose his scholarship and have to drop out of college. But before school started up again in the fall, Congress actually managed to squeeze through a few legal protections for all Shifted Americans. It meant that the school wouldn’t be able to take Douglas’s scholarship away; in fact, they technically wouldn’t even be able to cut him from the team. Of course, they could still sideline him. This didn’t exactly bother him since he didn’t exactly want to risk going out of the field with this new body of his. Now he’d be able to focus a little bit more on his studies. He had actually always been a good student; he would’ve probably been better if football hadn’t taken so much of his study time. Though he guessed that now he’d finally find out. He had always assumed he would just go off to play pro after school, but now he supposed his future wasn’t written...

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